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Out with Cigarettes, In with Useful Accessories 2019-01-08

Don`t smoke? From tech to make your ride smarter to keeping your meal fresher, here's how you can put that 12-volt outlet to good use

Could Hyundai be the Smartest Car? 2019-01-06

Hyundai and Kia announced the commercialization of autonomous vehicles by 2021 and the full-scale production of autonomous vehicles by 2030. 

Block Heaters: Do you need one? 2019-01-04

With winter officially here, now is a good time to consider your options for an electric engine heater — more commonly known as a block heater. 

Hyundai Launching Fingerprint Recognition in 2019 2019-01-02

Your car key’s days may be numbered when Hyundai officially launches its new fingerprint technology in 2019.

Autonomous Cars; Should we trust them? 2018-12-27

Does the drive toward autonomy that global OEMs and suppliers are supporting through research, development, testing, prototyping and cubic volumes of investment have a market demand

Tech talk; 3D Dashboard 2018-12-26

The humble gauge cluster has seen many attempts over the years to re-draw its landscape

California Pushes for zero-emission buses 2018-12-25

California air quality regulators voted on Friday to require that transit buses have zero emissions beginning in 2029

tech talk; hyundai's windshield of the future 2018-12-24

We’re not going to lie: the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) makes our jobs a little easier this time of year.

Hyundai Kona Electric becomes noticeably popular 2018-12-23

the all electric crossover has recently taken home several major honors in North America and Europe.

Dog too loud? Get fords noise cancelling doghouse! 2018-12-22

If you have dogs or grew up with dogs, chances are you've encountered at least one that gets really skittish around loud booms from thunder or fireworks

Hyundai - utility vehicle brand 2018-12-21

Once a sedan-driven company, the Korean automaker has prepped an onslaught of freshened, redesigned and all-new utility vehicles

Unlock your santa fe with the press of your.. fingerprint? 2018-12-20

Hyundai has unveiled a system that lets drivers unlock and start a vehicle using their fingerprints

Beat the cold and keep your car warm for winter 2018-12-19

With the icy depths of winter approaching, more than a few of us Canadian drivers will complain about the quality of heat our vehicles’ climate control systems produce

The release of the New Elantra GT N 2018-12-18

Hyundai officially debuted its 2019 Elantra GT N Line for the Canadian market mid-December

Make sure you have got all your winter tires on your vehicle 2018-12-17

You’re forgiven if you’re sick of hearing about snow tires this time of year

Must have coffee makers for your commute to work in the morning 2018-12-16

we’ve got news for you: you don’t need to make your cup of joe at home.

Auto123; 2020 Hyundai Palisade 2018-12-15

The new model is actually really new, as it sits on a new, distinct platform

Enthusiast cars that are still running the road 2018-12-14

there are halo cars out there driving the next wave of enthusiasts

Perfect Getaways to check out across canada 2018-12-13

Extend the holiday travels by a day or two, rent a car and visit somewhere new.

Hyundai Kona Wins Subcompact car of the year! 2018-12-12

new 2018 Kona could well shake things up in a hurry