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Hyundai's Prospected Viritual Touchpad Cockpit 2019-04-26

Modern cars seem to be adding more screens in more places. Infotainment, climate control, even the dash display. Now Hyundai is studying adding even more screens in a virtual cockpit that even puts digital displays on the delightfully 1980s-inspired steering wheel.

Could you be held liable for sending a text to a driver? 2019-04-24

An insurance and legal expert says texters could be held liable for any damages if they message someone they know is driving and that person has an accident.

Road Show review of the Hyundai Kona Electric 2019-04-22

Ease into electrification. 

What to know when trading your car in! 2019-04-20

By the time you invest in your second or third car, chances are you've been around the block enough to know that when it comes time to buy a new vehicle, one of your budget-friendly options is to  trade in your old one. 

The sketched version of the new Hyundai Venue is sure to impress consumers 2019-04-18

What do you think, Millennials? The automaker's upcoming compact crossover is aimed at young buyers.

Wondering what to ask when buying a used car? Read here! 2019-04-16

11 Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Hyundai Tucson is absolute perfection... Let me tell you why! 2019-04-14

Latest gen Tucson comes with a stack of upgrades, making it ideal for new horizons.

Norway Gets Worlds First Charging Station for Taxi's! 2019-04-12

Oslo's city cabs will charge by air as of 2023. 

Kelley Blue Books top Family Cars of 2019 2019-04-10

Family Transportation for the Modern Age

What is your car really trying to tell you? 2019-04-08

No, it'ts not a cue to blow bubble gum or a warning about saggy pants.

The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric will kick winter's butt this year! 2019-04-06

When people think of leaders in the electric vehicle sector, brands like Tesla, Nissan and maybe even GM come to mind. Hyundai Motor Group on the other hand probably does not and that’s a shame.

Tips to save money at the gas pump! 2019-04-04

6 Thrifty Tricks To Save On Gas

Could your Ford Explorer be making you sick? 2019-03-31

U.S. safety regulator continuing probe into whether popular trucks may be susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks some complaints allege they are. 

Could the Hyundai Kona EV be the one for you? We think so! 2019-03-29

So many standard features, its silly to upgrade. 

Electric SUV heading down the pipeline for Ford 2019-03-27

With no more cars apart from the Mustang in its lineup, Ford needs to strike hard with its SUV lineup. 

Dodge Ram's new and improved split tailgate! 2019-03-23

The 60/40 split swing-out tailgate reportedly aids in loading and cleaning. 

Some Hyundai Santa Fe XL facts you should know! 2019-03-21
The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe XL is a midsize three-row crossover that competes with the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer.
Senator proposes bill to protect our furry friends this Summer! 2019-03-19

It`s good news for American pooches, but Canadians are still relegated to calling for help.

Hyundai sends a little teaser of the new Tucson N Line 2019-03-17

Hyundai has teased via two images the N-Line appearance package that will adorn its Tucson SUV ahead of the official presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.