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Comox Valley Hyundai - Staff Information

Tuesday March 24, 2020

Dear Staff,

This past week has been a challenge to say the least.  From the last communication with you, we told you our number one goal is to protect our employees and their families.  It is hard for us to walk in the doors and face all of you on a day to day basis with so much uncertainty in our surroundings.  The situation in Canada, and on our beautiful island, is not getting better.  We need to step up and make the hard choice to protect our employees, their loved ones, and the community around us by any means possible.  It will take courage and planning on everyone’s part to ensure we come through this together.

So, it is with a heavy heart, but with your health in mind that we have decided to close the stores.  We have not come to this decision lightly.  We feel that we must now do our part.  Effective today (end of day), March 24, 2020 we will cease daily and regular operations until April 6, 2020.  This date may be pushed further based on the orders the government makes, and as such we will let the public know that are opening date is undetermined at this time.  We will communicate further to each of you, but as it stands, we will see you all healthy and back to work April 6th.  If there is any emergency work, or outstanding business that requires attention during this time, please make arrangements with your Manager or directly through ourselves.

We have several employees that have spouses that work in the health care industry, we even have our own employees who deploy themselves to the front lines of emergencies.  We can not continue to sacrifice their health.  We have never been faced with a situation like this in our lives before, so there isn’t any decision that we can make that won’t affect people we care about.  Closing is what we can do now, for your protection, and for your family’s protection.  So please, go home, and stay home.  We ask that you abide by the social distancing policies set forth by the provincial and federal governments.

We encourage everyone to review the assistance packages the various levels of government are deploying.  They change every couple of days, so please check back often to find out when they will be opening the lines of application up. 

During this time, we have set up a web page, where we will post employee updates, links to helpful resources, and anything else we believe to be important to our staff and their families.  We will use this as our main line of communication along with emails.  We have always had an “open door policy”.  That doesn’t stop now – facetime, email, cell phones – all ways that any employee can get in touch with us.  We encourage anyone that has any questions to please just ask.

We truly care about you, our Dealership Family Members, and value our relationships with you.  We are all in this together, and we will come out of these challenging times both healthy, and stronger than ever.


Amanda               cell: 780-978-5601

Corey                    cell: 780-978-3232

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Mazda - https://www.courtenaymazda.com/staffinformation.html

Hyundai - https://www.comoxvalleyhyundai.com/staffinformation.html

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